AELCO awards

The Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association Awards have as their goal to promote the participation of young researchers in their biannual international conferences, both in oral presentation and poster formats. With this goal, an award is given to the best pre-doctoral paper and to the best poster.

  1. Modalities
    • Modality A: AELCO Predoctoral Award to the best oral presentation (for PhD students or master's degree))
    • Modality B: AELCO Best Poster Award
  2. Participation requirements
    • Being an AELCO member
    • For Modality A, being a PhD student
    • Indicating in the conference registration sheet which modality you choose
    • Attaching a short CV and a version of the paper or the poster (powerpoint, handout or similar materials).*
  3. Jury

    The jury will be composed by members of the AELCO Board and of the conference scientific committee

  4. Evaluation criteria
    • Scientific content of the paper/poster (originality, relevance, knowledge of previous research, rigour and depth of the analysis, correct use of the different mechanisms used, up-to-date bibliography)
    • Presentation of the paper/poster (general organization, correct use of language, clarity, elegance and style).
  5. Award
    • The winner will be returned the conference attendance fee and given an Award Certificate
* Registrations should have been completed before the conference documentation has been delivered